Writing and Editing
  - Writing and translating books and biographies 
  - Editing and translating quotes  
  - Copywriting 
  - Composing literary and creative texts  
  - Writing formal speeches  
  - Creating and editing press releases  
  - Writing and editing news  
  - Creating content for websites  
  - Matching original texts with translations and proofreading translated texts 
Translation Services
  - Translation of texts  
  - Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting 
  General Translation 
  - Translation of web content 
  - Media and political translations 
  - Scientific and technical translations  
  - Translations of research and academic studies  
Creative Translation
  - Translation of poetry  
  - Translation of literary works 
  - Translation of books  
  - General and specialized training in translation  
Studies and Reviews
  - Book reviews  
  - Media monitoring  
  - Analysis of articles and news stories  
  - Executive summaries (media, politics, economics etc.) 
  - Book summaries 
  - Arabization of web content 
  - Arabization of research and specialized texts